Agenda 2020 is now APPTI!

appti logo

Washington, DC, November 6, 2017—Executive Director David Turpin announced at the TAPPI PEERS conference in Norfolk, Virginia, this morning that the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance is changing its name to the Alliance for Pulp and Paper Technology Innovation, or APPTI.

Fritz Paulsen of KapStone Paper, who chairs the Alliance's board of directors, commented on the announcement. "This is the right time to emphasize that we are an evolving organization," said Paulsen. "Our Alliance is developing rapidly now. We are focusing on implementing our vision and, as we've been saying, we're moving from roadmaps to road-trips."

The board began work on the new identity a year ago, and started by collecting perspectives from a broad range of constituents, including industry manufacturers and suppliers, academicians, government agencies, and the general public. Several key concepts emerged.

"Our new name and logo preserve the central message of our earlier identity while expressing the forward progress of our current work," Turpin told participants at the PEERS conference. "What our constituents have valued most has been the collaboration, the focus in our industry on advancing core technology, and the pursuit of breakthrough innovation to increase efficiency and sustainability. Our new logo captures those points."
The new logo consists of the appti acronym, cast in lean-forward italics, with a fluid curve. The name preserves the strength and collaboration of the alliance concept, as well as the long-standing focus on technology and innovation. Including pulp and paper in the name establishes the industry as its continued focal point. The arc conveys energy and action. The carefully selected shade of blue represents clean air and water, both among objectives of efficiency and sustainability.

"The blue also suggests a hint of blue-sky thinking about what our industry's potential could be," Turpin continued. "A portion of our effort since inception has been on identifying new sources of revenue. While our feet are firmly planted on solid ground, we think about what could be and not just what is. That blue is there to suggest innovation, a core value of the organization."

One thing that is not changing is the core belief in partnership for collaboration. "APPTI's members and partners share the conviction that achieving major breakthroughs require the knowledge, skills, experience and perspectives of all of us," Turpin affirmed. "Participation and support by our government agencies helps maintain alignment with national goals. Our university partners contribute their ideas, expertise, and insights into potential pathways to new products and processes. Association partners like TAPPI provide a forum for interaction and communication and our supporting companies provide the vision, experts, and investment to drive our progress."

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