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Starch makedown:

Three tank system for continuous starch makedown via AP, enzyme or steam conversion. Outputs at 5 gpm (19 lpm) in 200 gal (575 l) batches. Steam for batch makedown available in a 20—100 gallon (75-375 l) water jacketed, temperature controlled, tank.

Blend tanks:

All tanks include axial flow impellers. Three blend tanks one at 20-100 gal (90—375 liters) and two at 42—250 gallons (190—950 l) tanks. All water jacketed and temperature controlled.

High shear mixers:

Three dispersion mixers, capacity 20—90 gal (75—340 l) tank, 75—400 gal (280—1500 l) tank, and a third floor mounted unit for 55 gal (200 l) drum size batches.
Dust exhaust system over starch slurry tank, all blend tanks, and both high shear mixing tanks.

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Continuous Starch Markedown
Continuous Starch Makedown

Coating Kitchen
Coating Kitchen