Production Scale Printing

Gravure Press

The 4-color Cerutti web-fed gravure press is capable of printing and coating on paper, paperboard, plastic films, metal foils, and laminates at production speeds meeting or exceeding industry standard quality.

The gravure press is used by industry to evaluate printability for new substrate or ink development, quality control of substrate production, determine ink mileage, and a variety of ink and substrate interaction studies. The press is also available for toll coating and printing applications used to supplement current production or provided an avenue for affordable production as a new product is introduced to the market.


Packaging and publication test cylinders are available in both single color and 4-color process sets. The press is available with both solid based cylinders and NEW sleeve technology. Also available are a number of coating and specialty engraved cylinders.

Gravure Inspection


  • Printing and coating from 1 to 4 colors/applications
  • Long run production speed at 1000 ft/min (305 m/min)
  • Short run speeds to 1600 ft/min (488 m/min)
  • Substrates thickness: 25 micron — 0.040 in (1 mm)
  • Repeat range 18 to 37 in (455 to 940 mm)
  • Standard test form has a 35 in (890 mm) repeat
  • Printing/web width 12 to 23 in (305 to 585 mm), roll slitter available
  • High velocity 2 zone, 7.3 ft (2.2 m) length dryers
  • Infeed roll diameter — 12 to 42 in (305 to 1065 mm)
  • Core size — 3 in (75 mm) ID, 6 in ID, or 12 in ID, 4 in ID, 100 mm, and 150 mm may require rewinding
  • The Gravure Press is ESA Equipped
  • Enulec GmbH Electrostat - Externally charged - 0 KV to 13 KV
  • Enulec GmbH Electrostat - Internally charged - 0 KV to 2 KV
  • Enulec Antistatic

Gravure Test Form