Paper Machine


The fourdrinier paper machine is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of papers and boards 24 in (610 mm) wide at speeds up to 120 fpm (36 m/min). Grades manufactured range from 16 to 400 lb (3,000 ft² ream size) or 26 to 700 gsm. Facilities for stock and additive preparation are sized to make extended continuous operations practical at production rates up to 160 lbs per hour (72.5 kg/hr).

Now Available!

Paper machine wet end can now be run as a close-loop system. Production and trial variables per day vary, contact director for more information.


Size Press

The paper machine also has a flooded-nip horizontal size press. A specifically designed two-stage run tank allows instantaneous size changes with a minimum loss of stock. The paper machine can also accept up to 18 in (46 cm) diameter rolls off your own paper machine or slit rolls at Western Michigan University. Each roll is dropped into a special frame located between the press section and the first drier cans. It is your option whether to preheat the sheet before the size press. Depending on how much paper you need, you can test as many as 35 different size press formulations in a single eight-hour day.

Spray Sizing

Spray sizing is available on the 24 in (610 mm) Fourdrinier pilot paper machine table. The spray system allows you to apply starch slurry to the newly formed sheet before it hits the first dryer can. The spray imparts internal sizing benefits the closer the spray is to the headbox and a surface sizing benefit when applied closer to the dry line.


Equipment includes a 250 lb (110 kg) beater, a Claflin refiner, a Jordan refiner, a Beloit Jones 12 in (305 mm) double disc refiner, three tile chests for stock and white-water storage, and stainless steel chemical tanks.


Transported wet pulp, dry lap, broke, or post consumer paper is repulped using a Black Clawson hydrapulper. The hydrapulper is 6 ft (1.8 m) in diameter with a 500 lbs capacity. The Mid-Con rotor operates at 350 rpm, up to 20% consistency, and at 60 (45 kW) horsepower. The extraction plate has 5/8 in (16 mm) holes. The hydrapulper operates in batch mode and includes a temperature controller.

For information on screening, de-inking, and stock and furnish storage capacities, please visit our fiber recycling page.

Please note slitter and rewinder services are available at WMU.