Press Proof

Drop ins

Cut paper sheets are dropped into a running web printing press. Now an alternative to one color laboratory press proofs.

Download Drop Ins information

Gravure drop in

Drop your test sheets into a 4-color Cerutti gravure press. The cylinder print width is 23 in. (585 mm) and vertical repeat is 35 in (890 mm), select a sample size accordingly. Electrostatic Assist (ESA) is available, or run your test samples without the ESA. Standard ink setup is toluene solvent based, waterbase and acetate based are also available.

Sample size:

  • Minimum: 5 in x 11 in (125 mm x 280 mm)
  • Maximum: 12 in x 35 in (305 mm x 890 mm)

Pilot presses

Small one unit test presses are available to print gravure, flexographic, offset, and screen printing.

  • Gravure: K-Proofer, Prufbau
  • Offset: several small duplicators including a Little Joe

Off press material proofing

Off press proofing can be useful in predicting quality of materials prior to production printing. Small quantities of ink and small sheet sizes can be studied quickly for physical and optical performance properties.

Several bench size and small lab scale proof devices are available to simulate ink on substrate interactions.

Non-Impact printing

  • Electro-photographic
  • Dye-sublimation
  • Thermo-wax
  • Ink jet