Recycling Pilot Plant

Western Michigan University's Recycling Pilot Plant is a large scale recycle facility that can recycle, repulp and de-ink a wide variety of post consumer waste including mixed office waste, magazines, food service items, and a variety of packaging including old corrugated containers. The recycling pilot equipment employs a modular piping system that allows connection of individual pieces of equipment in any configuration to simulate a wide variety of industrial systems. Eight stock chests, ranging from 1,200 to 5,000 gal (5,455 to 22,370 l) each, allow for multiple simulations and storage capacity for an option to make paper from your recycled fiber.

Repulpable and recycling certification now available at Western Michigan University

WMU Recyclable Symbol Should your fiber-based product be given a second life instead of going to a land fill? We are a certified lab and recycling pilot plant which can certifiy you and provide official documentation.

WMU's Recycling Pilot Plant has taken a leading role in the recycling of fast food containers.

For more information, please contact Lon Pschigoda at +1 (269) 276-3532 or by email.

Fibre Boxboard AssociationWe certify for the Fibre Boxboard Association’s repulpability and recycleability test protocol for wax replacement corrugated containers. This protocol involves a two part test, the first is a bench top procedure and if passed, then the material is tested in the recycle pilot plant.

Fiber Recycling Line Drawing