Toll Coating

Looking for an affordable solution for your coating needs?

Western Michigan University has papermaking, coating, and printing equipment unique to any university, but very recognizable by industry. Because of the long tradition of papermaking and printing at WMU, the laboratory facilities include extensive production scale equipment used by industrial customers throughout the year. Industry runs product development trials, but also production runs when the cost, width, speed, and coating method are a great fit for their products. WMU holds broad expertise in coatings and paper substrates and can support your development needs as required.

Why toll coating at WMU?

  • Realize greater margins
  • Its affordable high quality production.
  • Managed and operated by professional full-time staff
  • No inventory worries
  • Facilitate delivery from your suppliers
  • Drop ship to your customers
  • Open year round
  • No equipment to purchase
  • Use labor as needed, no labor inventory
  • Scheduling flexibility

Volumes too small for full-scale production?

Get it done at WMU while the market grows.